Power Suction Bathroom Accessories

Power Suction Hanger Hook


The Perma Power Suction Hanger Hook is a real handy accessory to have in any bathroom. It is suitable for use behind a door due to the swivel arm being able to fold flat when not in use. Developed with new and improved suction technology, the Perma Power Suction Hanger Hook is easy to install, provides instant suction and it will not damage the surface area. The powerful suction cup makes this product extremely durable and it does not require any screws, nails, glue or tape. It is perfect for rental homes!

Uses / Applications

The Perma Power Suction Hanger Hook is suitable for use on various surfaces, including porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, glass, metal, stainless steel as well as plastic. Not suitable for use on painted or uneven surfaces.

Other Information

Suitable for 4 hangers and holds up to 2kg.