Picture Hanging Solutions

Power Punch Nail Applicator


The Perma Power Punch Nail Applicator is a must-have for any aspiring DIY enthusiast. This simple tool makes it easy and safe for any person to knock picture nails into walls and it also minimises the risk of damaging wall plaster.
The Power Punch Nail Applicator's extended safety handle reduces risk of injury too.
Spare picture nails can also be stored in the convenient storage space situated inside the handle of the tool.

Uses / Applications

Use the Power Punch Nail Applicator to knock Perma Picture Nails into the wall whenever you need to hang paintings, portraits or framed photos. This tool is compatible with most makes of picture nails.
To use, load the Power Punch Nail Applicator by inserting a picture nail into the hole located in the front of the metal punch. Pull the metal punch through the plastic handle until the sharp tip of the nail slightly protrudes from the handle.
Position the Power Punch Nail Applicator, using the reference marks on the wall against those on the front of the tool. Strike the metal head of the tool with a hammer until the nail is driven into the wall. Press the plastic end-cap onto the protruding nail to help keep the picture wire in place.

Other Information

Do not use to hang objects of value or for hanging objects above a bed. Use eye protection when hammering.