Picture Hanging Solutions

Picture Hooks


The Perma Picture Hooks are heavy-duty, nail-on hooks, used to hang pictures, paintings, wall plaques, diplomas and so much more!

•  LARGE: Holds up to 4kg
•  MEDIUM: Holds up to 3kg
•  SMALL: Holds up to 2kg

Available packs:
•  Large: 3 Hooks per pack
•  Medium: 5 Hooks per pack
•  Small: 7 Hooks per pack
•  Assorted: 9 Hooks per pack (2x Large, 3x Medium, 4x Small)

Uses / Applications

Suitable for use on concrete and plaster. Place the hook against the wall and hit the pins with a hammer - all at the same time. When used on tiles, align the pins with the grout lines between the tiles.

Other Information

Do not use to hang objects of value or for hanging objects above a bed. Use eye protection when hammering.