Mounting Tapes

Mounting Tape Strips


Perma Mounting Tape is strong, double-sided, self-adhesive tape, making it ideal for use on smooth surfaces such as tiles, metal, wood, board, stone, glass and fibreglass.
The range consist of Mounting Tapes with different tack strengths, which is suitable for interior and exterior application.


• Everyday Mounting Tape Strips: 4 Strips (80mm x 20mm x 1.2mm)
• Heavy Duty Mounting Tape Strips: 6 Strips (80mm x 24mm x 3mm)

Uses / Applications

Everyday Mounting Tape is great for mounting pictures, signs, nameplates and house numbers to mention a few.

Heavy Duty Mounting Tape is perfect for mounting mirrors, mirror tiles and framed pictures due to it being double as thick as the others in the range.

Other Information

Maximum adhesion is obtained on sealed surfaces. For porous surfaces, spray with hairspray and allow to dry before applying the mounting tape. For freshly painted surfaces, allow 4 weeks for paint to cure. Do not use to hang objects of value or for hanging objects above a bed. May damage fragile wallpaper on removal. Not suitable for use on rough or crumbly surfaces.